Your inner work space

What's in your inner work space?
The Alchemy Space is located in Newtown, Sydney and is host to · alternative therapies · counselling · 
· workshops · sacred ceremony · body therapy · massage · plant medicina · personal development ·


After almost 5 years in our current location we are moving. AND the good news is we will still be in NEWTOWN. BUT that means we are not currently taking any bookings.


What’s available in the Alchemy space

We use a simple and flexible schedule of rates

$30 per hour up to a 2 hour block. N.B.This rate will only be available to consultants who see one-on-one clients or couples. 

For longer periods of more than 2 hours, and for groups, the fee is at our half day rate:

$100 per half day

Half day examples

9am—1pm, 4 hour block

2pm—6pm, 4 hour block

1pm—5pm, 4 hour block

Evenings $100

6pm—10pm, 4 hour block or until finished.

$200 per full day

9am—5pm, 8 hours

Need a space either Part Weekly or Full time Weekly including most weekends, only $500 – $700 per calendar month.


When you book your time at the Alchemy space, you'll be dealing with Tim. He will invoice you using your email account. Payment are expected within within 7 days of use.

If you require Tim to use your business name on the invoice please message him with what you require. We generally prefer to use Facebook Messenger for ease and a quick response time.

The follow general fascilities are available.

In the Kitchen:
• Refrigerator • Microwave oven • Kitchen sink • Electric jug  • Glasses and mugs • Some plates and serving plates/bowls and cutlery.

Toilets: there are 2 Toilets • a hand basin • 2 deep washing basins

There is a waiting room foyer for clients with comfy bench and lounge chairs for use.

Room Furniture 

All furniture can be moved around to suit your requirements. 

12 Folding chairs

2 contemporary style armchairs with padded back and seat with its solid natural oak wood frames

20 floor Cushions

4 tapestry Cushion

1 Ikea large Kallax storage unit (16 squares)

1 large flat-woven Lohals room rug 

1 large rectangular Charcoal Matt.

1 folding professional Massage Table (BYO cover)

1 large folding trestle table (craft work bench)

1 Wooden large box (on wheels) suitable as altar

There is audio-visual equipment available for use at no extra charge:

Hisense 50” Smart HD TV used for presentations, and video streaming. Slides via HDMI personal computer, or with own iPhone and iPad (HDMI adapter iOS available). 

IMPORTANT. Please do not move the TV from its position on Boxed-nook it sits in.

JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Can be used either for wireless Bluetooth streaming or connect via 3.5mm AUX input cable. High-capacity 10,000mAh Rechargeable Battery, plays for 12–15 hours. Rechargeable via AC adapter power charger. You are welcome to place this anywhere conveniently in the room. 

CAUTION. Please do not press your fingers on the open ends of the speaker. Pick it up by the middle.

Vintage Coronet Solid State Amplifier. Standing amp available with 2 guitar jacks or microphone inputs, and 2 x 12 Watt Speakers. Available on request.

VHF Wireless microphones (2), plus a lapel mic used via the standing amplifier (BYO batteries).

Power outlets: there are 4 double power outlets.


Electric Lights: there are 6 spotlights (warm light) and 6 fluorescent lights (bright white light). These operate separately from the front studio door area. There is also a small upward pointing lamp on top of the large Ikea Kallax storage unit that provide a warm ambience light.  

Power outlets: there are 4 double power outlets.

Ceiling Fan: there is a ceiling fan for general air circulation.

Candles: 12+ Tealight candle glasses are available (BYO tea lights).

Incense: BYO Copal, Frankincense, Palo Santo, and Sage Smudge. All these are fine to burn without fear of fire-alarms going off.

Cleaning and keeping the Alchemy Space secure and clean is part of your responsibilities. Cleaning and locking the space is a condition of hiring to use the Alchemy Space.

We would rather not apply a cleaning fee, but if the space is left untidy, or rubbish left in the room we will charge a cleaning fee.

We have you covered with the right equipment...

Cleaning equipment

There is a new Bagless Hoover Vacuum Clearer, mop and bucket that is stored in a curtained cupboard stored behind the studio door.

PLEASE take any rubbish with you and dispose of it responsibly in any of the street bins. There are replacement bin liner bags in the draws in the kitchen. Please do not leave rubbish in the bin in the Alchemy Space because it attracts cockroaches and ants.

Candle wax.
Candle wax is an occupational hazard in the Alchemy Space. If you spill wax on the vinyl floor you must use your fingernails or other soft-plastic implement to remove it. There are polishing cloths in the grey storage unit behind the door you can use to buff the floor. 

IMPORTANT: If you get wax on the carpet this will need to carefully removed by using a WARM iron. Do not use a HOT iron it will damage the carpet. You remove the wax by putting brown paper or newspaper down over the wax and applying the warm iron. The wax melts and is absorbed by the paper like a blotter. You keep ironing until no more wax can be absorbed into the paper.  

Picking up the Key

Step 1. You use the code Tim will give you to open the Key-safe.
Step 2. You close the safe and change the the code, ie, the observable numbers. This will prevent unwanted persons from seeing what the combination is. As an added deterrent please close the small hatch to conceal the combination-numbers.

Return the Key 
It is important to return the key to the Key-safe after you use so the next person can use it. Again, once the keys are in the safe, please change the observable numbers.

A shared space

It is important that we each be responsible to maintain a clean space. If you use the small waste paper bin in the space, please empty it when you leave. Please replace the bin liner with another bag and empty your rubbish either in the large kitchen bin or use one of the street bins.

All rubbish

PLEASE take away any rubbish with you. Do not leave this in the Alchemy Space. This is really important. If the room is left in an untidy or dirty state we will add an additional cleaning charge of $50 to have someone come in to clean. We actually state that a condition of use is for you to also clean the space after your use.

If you damage something please do report this to Tim so he can arrange to fix it. Depending on what the damage has affected will determine if there are any repair costs involved. 

IMPORTANT: You may be held responsible. By using the Alchemy Space you agree to being responsible for any damage or lose of property. If you see something is damaged you must report this to Tim prior to the start of your session, otherwise there is no way we can determine you were not responsible. Use either Facebook Messenger to Tim or SMS him on 0416339705.

Locking-up securely

When you finish using the Alchemy Space it is your responsibility to:

1. Turn off the ceiling fan.

2. Turn off all lights (except for the press button-lights that automatically turn themselves off in the kitchen and toilets).

3. Lock up the Alchemy Space by turning the inside clip to lock position and check to make it is locked closed.

4. Lock the street door. 

5. Return the key to street key-safe.
6. Take all garbage with you.

General FAQs about how we operate and can assist

A. There is some flexibility for casual therapists who may be seeing clients spread-out over the day. Eg You have a your first client for an hour at 10am and next one is not until 2pm. We will not charge you for the time you are not conducting your consult. So you would only be charged for two x 1-hour blocks, ie just $60.

A. We can add you to our shared Google calendar OR you can check it now in the section below the FAQs. If you need regular access for bookings we can add to our Google calendar. This works best if you have a Gmail account (free). You'll first need to supply us with your Gmail address. Once you have supplied your Gmail account (contact Tim to arrange access) you'll be able to times as you need them.

N.B. A strict cancellation policy will apply to all bookings. 

Access to the Google calendar will enable you schedule reoccurring bookings directly into the calendar. You can also ask Tim to do this. Contact him through Facebook Messenger, see him under Tim Ozpagan.

A. If you have to cancel a booking it is your responsibility to give adequate notice otherwise you will be charged. We require a minimum of 48 HOURS notice. Failing to do so will impact on your future use of the Alchemy Space. Contact Tim through Facebook Messenger as soon as possible see: Tim Ozpagan

A. We use Key-Safe found on the righthand-side of the front street door. You must be given a 4-digit access code by Tim. For security reasons this gets changed regularly. There are three keys. One for the top lock of the street door and a second deadlock. A third key gives you access to The Alchemy Space studio on the first floor.

Although the street address is 199 King Street Newtown, we are also mindful of letting people know from the start that the entrance is from the side in Egan Street.

To help, we and our neighbours the Kundalini Yoga and the Collective Healing Centre have large signs either side and on the front street door. There's also a signs on the upstairs studio doors. 

You are free to share this link to a Google Map Pin:
Try this live link:

Our SIGNAGE: there are two signs permanently mounted to help your clients locate the Alchemy space.

OUTSIDE to the right of the Front street door

Mounted aluminium and similar in design to geometric grey and gold sign found on this page.

600mm across x 1400mm down

INSIDE door, a similar sign is on our studio door.

500mm across x 1200mm down

There is also 2 x A-Frame Blackboards that can be used on the street, but you are responsibility for bringing these back inside. Chalk is available downstairs from Art-on-King art supplies shop.

If you give Tim enough time he can assist with getting your promotions out to the general public. He can't do it all, but he does have experience in successfully marketing his own workshops at the Alchemy Space and he's happy to assist you.

Booking a time in the Alchemy Space?

See our Google calendar for all available times. Once you have a date and time you'd like to use for your next event contact Tim to discuss your event details and requirements.


Shape your future project in the Alchemy Space.